Two RT-AX86u with Aimesh, Where to use 2.5gb ports?


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So I have two AX86u devices using wired aimesh. I also just updated my cable modem to a Motorola mb8611 with a 2.5gb port, Xfinity 1200Mbps service.

Is it better for me to use the 2.5gb ports to connect using Aimesh? It is it better for me to use the primary routers 2.5gb port with the cable modem?

Most of my devices are wireless. I have 3 wired devices.


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Your call. The mb8611 only has one port but if you had gotten a cable modem with two 1 GB ports you could have used Link Aggregation to connect the router with two Ethernet cables. Then connect the router and node with the 2.5 GB ports.

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