UDP Traffic lost on LAN

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New Around Here

I recently purchased an RT-AC66U b_1 router and flashed to Asuswrt Merlin 384.19.

I'm running a VoiceChat server on a Raspberry Pi, which uses both TCP and UDP for its connections.

Other people are able to connect fine through forwarded ports, via a registered domain, however, if I attempt to do the same on the local network, my UDP packets are not received by the Pi, unless I turn on App Analysis via the "Adaptive QoS -> Bandwidth Monitor" section.

Packets are also received properly if I connect through the internal LAN IP address of the Pi.

I thought that the firewall might be doing something, e.g. UDP flood protection, but there's no change if I turn it off.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any enlightening info/help in advance ☺

Edit: If this is relevant, I'm running PiHole, so the Pi is set up to have a static address, and it's used as the LAN DNS server for all local clients.

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