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What would be a safe port range to use instead of the default 1194 for UDP?


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The total range of available ports is 0-65535. If you avoid the well-known port range (0-1023) and ephemeral port range (in my case, 32768-61000), you should be fine. But you can still encounter weird exceptions (e.g., browsers block port 10080 due to the NAT slipstream attack). But as a general rule, I stick w/ the 10000-29999 range for my own port usage.

P.S. The ephemeral port range can vary from OS to OS. In the case of Merlin, you can find it w/ the following command.

cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_local_port_range
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What would be a safe port range to use instead of the default 1194 for UDP?
Two things to note.
Technically, 1194 isn't a "range", it's a single port :)

"Safe" is not the correct word. Even "safer" doesn't necessarily apply. For obvious reasons, opening **ANY** port puts your systems at *some* risk. Even VPN software can have vulnerabilities. You didn't specify what you are running or on what device.

Using "non-traditional" ports for any service perhaps mitigates the likelihood of an attack, but doesn't prevent one completely. Any good hacker that was determined to get into your system wouldn't care if you use a traditional port or not, they would sweep all ports with their attack vector. Using a non-traditional port does prevent attacks from lazy hackers.

It is a good idea to use non-traditional ports where possible, and to severely limit the number of services (and therefore the number of open ports), but it is arguably more important to keep your software up to date and patched and run reliable apps.



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When configuring a UDP port for use with a virtual private network (VPN), it is important to use a port that falls within a safe range. By default, 1194 is used for UDP, but this can be changed depending on your needs. A safe port range to use instead of 1194 would be any ports between 10000 and 65535. This range will help ensure that your VPN connection remains secure and uninterrupted.

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