FlexQoS UI Bandwidth Settings tables

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I would like to combine the two separate tables into one like below. Looking for readability feedback differentiating Download from Upload, or anything else that is less than ideal. For a future update...


Jack Yaz

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i'd recommend striping the rows (or columns) so that it's easier to follow. the querylog table from uidivstats has a function I found online that does it quite nicely


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Similar to John's Traditional QoS settings, although I think having the download on the left is more intuitive.



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Merlin's Traditional bandwidth page is still mostly the same as John's (i.e. hasn't changed much). I was trying to avoid tables within a table, and avoid repeating the Class names in 2 separate columns, but I see it's far to visually scan left to right and be sure you're in the right spot.

Also experimenting with this view where Download and Upload are in the heading.


Perhaps alternating colors will look better, but this would be the only part of the UI to use it right now, so I'm reluctant to introduce it without being willing to go all-in on it everywhere.

I will keep experimenting and see how it goes. Thanks fellows, and I still welcome more feedback!



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For myself, Download and Upload in different colors would work well enough. Along with dark green/light green alternating stripes to highlight rows adequately.


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I feel like a kid with a brand new box of 64 Crayola crayons. This is just one idea since I'm now also sorting the classes by user priority instead of a hard-coded order. I can use the colors to carry your eye across. Although I think the gradient looks a little gaudy and washed out. I'm learning CSS as I go here...


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