UI issues after upgrade 386.2_2

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Updated from 386.1_2 to 386.2_2. All seemed to go well, but when on the VPN Client screen I turned on a client and clicked updated, it did seem to work, but the screen went haywire and ended up like this. This is repeatable. Doing a refresh brings back this same screen. I can logout, and logging back in makes things look fine till I repeat the operation. Also clicking on the Version # at the top of the screen brings me to a normal looking Admin screen, and coming back to the VPN screen looks normal as long as I leave the Apply button alone. Clicking into the WAN page brings up a similar looking montage without even clicking on apply. Playing around some more, I turned off using HTTPS and port 4384 which I had turned on earlier in the day. That seemed to resolve the issues.



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Force refresh!!

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