UI logs out prematurely if AX-11000 disconnects then re-connects to wifi signal (Wireless Bridge Mode)

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So I found out that Merlin is now supporting the GT-AX11000.
Thank you Merlin. First time i've seen my AX11000 connect to anything at 2400Mbps with your FW. Stock has never been near this. I need to test 4800Mpbs next.

My AX-11000 is in wireless bridge mode working as a client to a AX supporting wifi router. I use this to test AX modes with other wifi routers that support AX mode.

Loaded your FW and went nicely. Nice to the the classic Merlin UI again.

The AX was still connected to my AX router fine. Seems to hand around 2100Mpbs. Hits 2400Mpbs here and there. Distance is about 5 feet currently.

I noticed something though, when I changed the power settings on the main routers wifi signals and watching the AX UI, I saw the AX disconnect in the UI and the UI seem to freeze here, then I saw the UI re-connect for a split second, however the UI logged me off to the log in screen. I was able to log back in to the AX page fine and continue. I changed the power levels again on the main router signal and again, the AX disconnected, then seem to reconnect which it did but, again the UI logged me off and back to the log in screen. Tried this on Edge and Opera GX with same condition. Something that is not seen on stock FW. Something that can be adjusted here?

Other than this oddity, more testing will continue however, I'm really liking Merlin on the AX11000. Thank you for your hard work to get this going. Stock FW has been abysmal and problematic since the start seems like. ASUS Support is horrendous. :mad:


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
Everything you mentionned (the higher link rate, the behaviour on power changes) are 100% identical to stock firmware, as these portions of the code are all closed source and outside of my control. They are copied as-is from stock firmware.


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Ok, I'll keep that in mind. Thought I have not seen this behavior on stock FW in regards to the premature logging out when the AX temporarily looses connection then re-connects.

Stock FW has never given me higher link rates that's for sure. Stock usually hangs around 1800Mpbs when 2400Mpbs is present. If I get a 4800Mpbs supporting signal, the AX never saw much over 3400Mpbs. Never saw 4800Mpbs whatsoever even in idea configurations and environment during testing. I got near 4800Mpbs with a RAX80 router once at close distance. I was told that 4800Mpbs is effected by environment and configuration and would normally not be an expected realistic speed to be seen. Why router mfrs are marketing these speeds when they can't realistically meet them is beyond me.

Otherwise. Merlin, thank you for the support on the AX model. Im sure you will make lots of AX11000 users very happy.

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