uiDivStats - Stale query log processes were killed

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joe scian

Very Senior Member
Hi Jack

I tried reinstalling from scratch since i was having issues with ":uiDivStats: Stale query log processes were killed" messages continually spamming the log.

"uiDivStats: Starting first run of stat generation" ... never completes and those messages above are continually flooding log and no graphs appear. When trying to update stats "stat update already running" is the message but it never completes having chosen only daily update. "uiDivStats: Lock file found (age: 152 seconds) - statistic generation likely currently in progress".

I chose to uninstall uiDivStats through amtm and I also deleted the opt/share/uidivstats.d directory completely and the /tmp/uidivstats.sql and /tmp/uiDivStats.lock files before attempting to reinstall through amtm three times -same problem.

Any ideas?

PS 386.2_2 and AC86U.
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joe scian

Very Senior Member
Update - Rebooted Router and all is fine now - seems that a reboot can fix most things - even obscure issues above. Jack, maybe you could possibly look at your coding and find something there that may have contributed to this occurrence? All good now anyways.

Jack Yaz

Part of the Furniture
not really sure what would cause this, especially if you cleared out the directories

there's some pending changes on develop i made a while back that could help with this

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