uiDivStats - WebUI for Diversion statistics

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Jack Yaz

Part of the Furniture
Updated 2021-01-09

A graphical representation of domain blocking performed by Diversion.

uiDivStats is free to use under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPL 3.0).

This project is hosted on GitHub

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Supported firmware versions
You must be running firmware Merlin 384.15/384.13_4 or Fork 43E5 (or later) Asuswrt-Merlin

Using your preferred SSH client/terminal, copy and paste the following command, then press Enter:
/usr/sbin/curl --retry 3 "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jackyaz/uiDivStats/master/uiDivStats.sh" -o "/jffs/scripts/uiDivStats" && chmod 0755 /jffs/scripts/uiDivStats && /jffs/scripts/uiDivStats install


uiDivStats can be configured via the WebUI, in the LAN section.

To launch the uiDivStats menu after installation, use:

If this does not work, you will need to use the full path:

Jack Yaz

Part of the Furniture

Jack Yaz

Part of the Furniture
Continuation of

Jack Yaz

Part of the Furniture
v2.3.0 is now available
  • NEW: Added feature to configure and update uiDivStats in the WebUI
  • NEW: Added feature to update daily stats in the WebUI
  • NEW: Added query log filter for type=65 queries to WebUI query log
  • NEW: querylog will attempt to clean up stale querylog processes
  • NEW: Added option to use logarithmic scale for charts, in addition to the default linear scale (credit to @dave14305 for adopting this in FlexQoS and inspiring me to add it)
  • IMPROVED: Query log in WebUI can now be sorted by clicking column headers
  • IMPROVED: WebUI help text if Diversion text stats report doesn't load
  • IMPROVED: Stat generation should be faster due to a new database index for client IPs (this will be created on update and may take some time)
  • CHANGED: Launch from post-mount on startup instead of services-start

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