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UK IPv6 on GT-AX6000

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New Around Here
Hi all - looking for some help.

I have recently moved ISP to one that supports IPV6 and I have a /56 delegation. This SHOULD work in Native I am told according to ISP but they don't directly support ASUS.
Putting in the settings below its "seems" to work with the exception of the WAN Interface does not get a WAN IP - everything else seems to kick in.


IPV6 Log gives me this : (Dash is just me blanking out IP)
IPv6 Connection Type: Native with DHCP-PD
WAN IPv6 Address:
WAN IPv6 Link-Local Address: fe80:----
WAN IPv6 Gateway: fe80::----
LAN IPv6 Address: 2001:----
LAN IPv6 Link-Local Address: fe80:-----
DHCP-PD: Enabled
LAN IPv6 Prefix: 2001:-----
DNS Servers: 2001:----

Log seems to show things flow but nothing on WAN IP again .
Mar 16 11:52:15 pppd[23542]: pppd 2.4.7 started by Admin, uid 0
Mar 16 11:52:15 pppd[23542]: Connected to f8:xxxxxxxxx via interface eth0
Mar 16 11:52:15 pppd[23542]: Connect: ppp0 <--> eth0
Mar 16 11:52:15 kernel: In wl_dfs_cac_notify_status chanspec 0x1001 DFS state 0
Mar 16 11:52:15 pppd[23542]: CHAP authentication succeeded
Mar 16 11:52:15 pppd[23542]: peer from calling number F8:13:08:40:F0:89 authorized
Mar 16 11:52:15 pppd[23542]: local LL address fe80::4XXXXX
Mar 16 11:52:15 pppd[23542]: remote LL address fe80::fXXXXXXXX
Mar 16 11:52:15 rc_service: ipv6-up 23617:notify_rc start_rdisc6
Mar 16 11:52:15 rc_service: waitting "restart_net" via ...
Mar 16 11:52:15 pppd[23542]: local IP address XXXXXX
Mar 16 11:52:15 pppd[23542]: remote IP address XXXXXX

dhcp6 client: bound prefix 2001:XXXXXXXXXXX:/56

Can anyone point at where I could look next to find the issue ?

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