UK Virgin Media Link Aggregation to ASUS RT-AX88U


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I'm hoping I'm in the right forum, I send me apologies if I'm not!

I've currently got an ASUS RT-AX88U plugged into a Virgin Media Hub 4 (using their Gig1 internet).

I'm trying to get some form of link aggregation in place to get around the 940MBit/sec ethernet theoretical maximum speed.

I've got VM Hub into modem mode and my RT-AX88U configured, but the Link Aggregation bit has thrown me.

I'm aware that the hub4 has an undocumented feature that allows the device to communicate back along multiple Ethernet connections in modem mod, the ASUS doesn't recognise the Link Aggregation.

I've been reading through a couple of forums:


in the second link the user who has successfully got this working has used a device in between their firewall (not an Asus) and the modem, a Mikrotik device.

I'm trying to get a similar result, but using a switch (ZyXel GS1900-8), I've set up a separate VLAN and moved 4 ports into LACP mode, with 2 ethernet connections to the ASUS, and 2 to the modem, shows Link aggregation at 2GBit, but tells me that my ISP's DHCP isn't working), I've got no internet throughput and the modem status page at is unreachable, meaning that its not successful in connecting to the modem.

I'm not too fussed about the ZyXel, I've just swapped it out for a Cisco SG300-10P as my core switch so I have the ZyXel lying around and through I'd give the ZyXel a new purpose.

Has anyone here had any experience in setting this up? I'm hoping I just need to tick/untick an option in the ZyXel, but I'm also aware that I may actually need to swap it out for another device to get this working.

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I'm not sure if it's the same today; but years ago, saturating a Virgin Media line caused horrible buffer bloat.

The 940Mb/s speed limit might actually be doing you a favour.

I run a large network of WiFi devices on a 1000/1000 Mb/s WAN and use the limit of 2x2 AC to stop one client saturating the WAN with a download. AC WiFi tops out around 550mb/s. It's worked very well and means we don't need QoS at all.

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