Unable to add client to vpn

Rick Mathes

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I have an RT-AC3100 running latest merlin 386.3 2. I wanted to add a new device to my vpn and I just noticed there is no button to add any new clients since the last firmware update. any advice? Thanks in advance.


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Did you see the firmware release notes regarding VPN Director?

386.3 (23-July-2021)
  - NEW: Introducing VPN Director, which replaces the original
         policy routing management interface for OpenVPN clients.
         A bit similar to Asus's own VPN Fusion, OpenVPN routing
         rules are now managed through a central web interface,
         and they are stored in JFFS instead of nvram, to allow
         creating more rules, and free up some nvram for
         nvram-limited devices such as the RT-AC68U.
         See the Wiki for more information.

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Rick Mathes

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Thanks so much. Exactly what I needed. Tried to search but been up all night so brain on overload.

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