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New Around Here
I have this TUF-AX3000, similar to RT-AX3000 and current firmware version : The USB HDD was connected to the USB port on the router and I had installed Download Master in USB apps. I have another AC88U and I verified the HDD is working fine. I could view the files and folders on the AX3000 from my PC with SMB 1.0.
However, I cannot connect to Download master, say the IP is, unable to establish a connection. I have tried uninstall Download Master and reinstalling it in USB apps, but the same problem exist. I have also tried disable aimesh and connect to download master on the AX3000 but the connection to cannot be established. I could ssh to the router but I have no idea what to look for. What could be the issue and how can it be solved?


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Your first post is puzzling. Are you in AiMesh mode (v2.0, or mixed)? What is your main router? What are the nodes? What are the IPs of all the routers?

Did you just upgrade to that firmware? From which version before?

How are you trying to access the USB drive? What os? What specific program?

How are you determining that the IP and Port Number is correct?


New Around Here
Both routers had updated firmware from 384 to 386. The IP of AX3000 is The USB drive is accessed on the router via the USB 3.0 port, and my system is windows 10. I had another AC88U and I tested the USB HDD on the AC88U USB 3.0 port and the files can be accessed on my PC. The problem is with AX3000 download master WebUI, the browser is unable to connect to the 8081 port for Download master. I have tried uninstall Download Master and reinstalling it in USB apps, but the same problem exist. Is there a method log the errors of download master on the AX3000?

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