Unable to export HTTPS certificate RT-AX58U

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Paul Brizal

New Around Here
I'm not sure what is wrong but I am unable to generate and download/export an HTTPS certificate per ASUS own FAQ on how to do this. https://www.asus.com/US/support/FAQ/1034294

This FAQ indicates it pertains to my router model but when I login to my router and navigate to Advanced Settings/Administration/System/Local Access Config the download certificate Export button is completely missing. I have updated to the latest firmware.

One other odd issue I'm seeing is that I downloaded the ASUS Router App for my iPhone in which I could access and configure the router. After considering the security risks I decided to disable Web Access from WAN fully expecting that the ASUS router app on my iPhone would no longer have access to the router but it still connects and communicates.

Any feedback on these issues would be greatly appreciated.


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New Around Here
AX58U firmware changelog does not mention certificate export function, so it's probably not implemented in current firmware version.

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