Unable to get my Guest Wifi with VPN enabled go through Diversion and Block Ads


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I have enabled Guest Wi-Fi with YazFi for VPN connection (managed my VPNMGR).
But at the same time I am using Diversion to block Ads.
Diversion works perfectly on normal LAN/WiFi but seems not working with Guest WiFi.

What I have tried:
1. deactivate use force DNS, per https://www.snbforums.com/threads/adguard-dns-isolation-from-the-guest-network.76588/
2. Leave 2 DNS Server Options Blank under Guest Network -> YazFi, sadly it is forbidden to do so. Per http://www.snbforums.com/threads/diversion-yazfi-play-well-together.56268/
3. Putting my router's internal IP as DNS Server under Guest Network -> YazFi, tried 192.168.x.1 and / (these 2 are my Guest Network's Subnet), not working at all, my devices unable to connect to internet.
4. Putting my router's external DHCP IP as DNS Server under Guest Network -> YazFi, not working as well, devices unable to connect to internet.
5. Disable "Accept DNS Configuration" under OpenVPN Client Settings, unable to connect.

Any way to achieve this? Guest Network uses VPN and block ads altogether :(
Thanks for helping!

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