unbound + adguard on RT-AX86U merlin 386.4


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I am running latest stable release of asus merlin 386.4 on my RT-AX86U and im trying to achieve unbound with adguard home.
It is up and running, but if i am running install / update of unbound in amtm it complains that my [✖] ***ERROR DNS Filter is OFF! which is odd because i enabled that when installing unbound.
I try to set that back to Enable DNS-based Filtering ON and choose router with Custom (user-defined) DNS 1 as ip.
If i rerun unbound it works great except that AdGuard stops responding.

If i reboot the router the DNS Filter is turned to off again. And i wonder what is wrong.

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EDIT: I have tried the same except removing the Custom (user-defined) DNS 1 leavling all fields blank and it still turns DNSFILTER off after rerun unbound+adguard+reboot.
Only way to have it up is to setup dnsfilter ON, rerun unbound and adguard, then set it back to ON again. Because somewhere in the installation process of adguard it turns off.

It seems you have to choose "Do you want to redirect all DNS resolutions on your network through to AdGuardHome? [y/n]: y" in order for DNSFILTER to stay ON, even after reboot.
I turned this off earlier because when choosing the redirect all dns traffic through adguard the DNS stop to working after a reboot, and to be honest i dont know how and why that happends.
It seems it does not be happening now though.
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