Unstable AC87U / VPN / DualWan

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New Around Here

Since one week, I installed an AC87U with 380.68.
Dual WAN with ethernet on port 2.
VPN with Private Internet Access

But somes problem:

Several times by day, router reboot, I don't know why I have log in CSV beacause I configured an external log server, I don't know If I can publish it.

I have this warning:
Aug 24 10:45:15 ALERT_MAIL: AiProtection send mail
Aug 24 10:47:15 ALERT_MAIL: AiProtection send mail
Aug 24 10:47:45 ALERT_MAIL: AiProtection send mail
VPN connection works fine at begin, but after somes hours, It's back to "Authentification failed".
I change interval ask to 10, it's work, but it's right way for VPN to be disconnect after somes hours?

And somes questions:
I create table in VPN to route all traffic of on IP on VPN. It's work. But I don't know of to route VPN traffic on second WAN. I configured Dual WAN to load balancing but I want to have second WAN for VPN (and Apple Music...) .



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The same problem with AUTH_FAILED here. If you search the forum, you will see my post about AUTH_FAILED and other posts regarding the same problem. There are some solutions listed, but they don't work for everyone.

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