Updating firmware with Raspberry Pi or iPad?

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I’m currently without a PC at this point. Has anyone ever successfully updated the firmware using a Raspberry Pi (3b) or an iPad?

Also is there a way to use the recovery mode with either device? For reasons I can’t determine, my RT-AC88U refused to upgrade from 386.1 to 386.1_2 without either using the ASUS recovery tool or downgrading to 384.19 first. I suspect I’ll run into the same problem with 386.2. Since the recovery tool is a Windows only tool, that‘s not an option with a Pi or iPad.


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You can use any mobile device. Just copy the unzipped firmware image to it first. I've uploaded routers a few times from my Android tablet as I didn't have a working Ethernet connection to them at the time.

Recovery mode requires your client device to have a TFTP client to upload the image.


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Thanks. I successfully upgraded from 386.1_2 to 386.2 on my iPad. Not sure what the issue with the 386.1_2 upgrade was. Though my nvram did consolidate right before I upgrade to 386.2.

I always heard upgrading over Wifi was bad, but I’m guessing modern routers copy the entire file over first and run some CRC checks or something before upgrading.


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I’ve used my iPad a lot lately for upgrading firmware during this release cycle. I usually download the Zip from OneDrive to the Files app. Then expand the zip in the Download folder. I created a Shortcut to generate the SHA-256 hash so I can compare with the hash on Merlin’s site. If all good, I upload via Safari.


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I always heard upgrading over Wifi was bad
I do like 70% of my firmware flashes over wifi, as I often do development work from the couch using my laptop. Not a single failure out of the hundreds of firmware flashes I have done over the years.

The router does indeed validate the image's CRC before flashing it.

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