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Solved Updating to 386.9 broke DDNS and port forwarding. AC68U

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After I have recently updated my AC-68U to 386.9 (from 386.7-ish) I noticed that DDNS provider setting are reset to ASUS.COM and all port forwarding records are gone. Trying to add port forwarding records does nothing — newly added disappear once I refresh the page. And DDNS provider settings does the same. The only thing which works at DDNS page is the ability to upload certificate, but nothing else. The syslog is obviously full of errors from DDNS service because of the empty hostname for ASUS.COM service.
I am trying to understand what happened (rebooted multiple times, no IPv6) or at least how to troubleshoot this problem further.


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If you haven't seen the earlier thread (found via subforum search), it has a suggestion. Disable IPv6 DDNS support.
DDNS update not working after update to 386.9
DIsable IPv6 DDNS support, as reported in your log it looks like your WAN interface isn't getting an IPv6.
Apparently some are having DDNS issues with 388.1 as well. Similar suggestion. Disable IPv6 DDNS support.
DDNS update not working on 388.1
As noted above, the easiest fix is to set IPv6 Update set to Off


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Do you think ports forwarding also related to IPv6?
Unknown. But standard troubleshooting suggestions apply (if you haven't tried them already) when issues crop up after updating to newer firmware. Start with rebooting the router. If issue remains try the following:
  1. Disconnect any attached USB drives.
  2. Do a hard factory reset.
  3. Manually configure the router. Do not load a previously saved router cfg file.
  4. Once router is operating normally after reset connect USB drive if using one.
  5. Check if issue persists.


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Noticed that NVRAM was -619 bytes free. Cleaned it up and all of the sudden all settings become saveable.

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