Upgrade from AC86U to AX86U or AX88U?

Jack Yaz

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So, I'm getting gigabit internet at my house, and feel like treating myself to an upgrade from my AC86U. Obviously, Merlin support is needed (I will be scripting again on the new router!). My other requirements/nice-to-haves are 2.5Gbps port (AX86U only?) and LAN aggregation (I have a managed switch that supports this as well).
I wanted to know what people recommend, and since I couldn't find much online, if LAN aggregation works on either and if it works well?


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Screenshot 2021-11-10 210358.png

Rt-ax86 , the best router i ever had since the rt-ac66u hands down,
This thing runs pretty much everything under the sun without issues.
Stable , reliable and dependable, make sure you ad an ssd to it and you set.

Skynet halves my upload speeds when enable in this router, not sure if its the same on other models.
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I'm also quite happy with my AX86U. A real upgrade from my AC66U_B1's - super fast, solid 2.5g connection to my modem, though I don't have fiber :confused:

Especially if you can find it at or below MSRP. For awhile the AX86U's were commanding premium prices from 3rd parties.


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I wish Amazon.com would not give scalpers a platform to sell on. Walmart.com, too... I don't even bother looking at their website anymore.



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Awesome router. No issue with Skynet.

  • Ping ms 5
  • Download Mbps 928.42
  • Upload Mbps 759.33


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Very happy with my RT-AX88U. I wanted it primarily for the 8-port switch as I wanted to remove devices (and power plugs) from my setup.

I would suggest that you read up on port aggregation in general though if you have not already done so. Many users, myself included, like the *idea* behind it, but it really only works well in a subset of scenarios based on your usage. In the end, I find that many people, myself included, cannot really benefit from it and it isn't worth the aggregation of setup, but YMMV.


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I have AX88U and it's been great for the additional lan ports. Also I thought that the 2.4ghz chipset in the AX86U was worse than the AX88U for performance than the older chipset in the AX88U.


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Perhaps slightly off-topic, but MSRP and retail price (at Best Buy anyway) on the RT-AX86U went from ~$250 to ~$280 about a month ago, to coincide with the introduction of the slightly crippled version (at ~$250) of the RT-AX86S, filling in the former price point. Wish I had known that was going to happen...
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Stephen Harrington

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Another big endorsement for the RT-AX86U, which was a forced replacement for me after my RT-AC86U got fried by lightning. It just works, and seems to have a bit of headroom for future adventures. Looking forward to you getting your own @Jack Yaz and recommencing the tinkering with those magnificent scripts of yours.


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I’ve got both the AX88U and AX86U and having played around with them, eventually settled on the AX86U.. great little bit of kit. Also had an issue with the uPnP on the AX88U when gaming which is what pushed me to try the AX86U. Both great routers though!


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I found an AX86U in stock (279) and really contemplating upgrading from my AC86u (although not having any major issues) more so as i have already have a couple of AX devices. Yeah i could probably get the ax68u, but then i know id want the ax86u in the 1st place, lol

AX86U ordered and on it's way...AC86U served me well and will give keep as backup or giveaway to family member.
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