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Upgrade from RT-N66U to which Asus AC Router?

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I've had my Asus RT-N66U in my home for several years and it's served me well. But I have enough devices with 802.11ac clients now to warrant an upgrade to a new Asus 802.11ac router.

I was planning just to get an RT-AC68U, but after reading about all the RT-AC68U/R/P/A/W/AC1900 hardware variants, I am completely confused and don't know which one to buy. So, I was thinking of avoiding this whole Asus RT-AC68/1900 morass and upgrading to an Asus RT-AC3100 instead, if it will provide better performance and future proofing.

Would the RT-AC3100 be a more suitable upgrade (I have no MU-MIMO clients - does anyone?)? If not, which of the Asus routers should I purchase?

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I suggest to look at your budget first, next to your current and expected near future wireless usage.
The RT-AC68U in any variant is a good choice for the majority of users with generic client devices like laptops. tablets and smart phones who do average Internet work.
There are not many MU-MIMO devices in the mentioned category and there probably won't be much in the near future.
Also many of the mentioned devices are limited to 1x1, maybe 2x2 and seldom 3x3 wireless capabilities.
after reading about all the RT-AC68U/R/P/A/W/AC1900 hardware variants, I am completely confused and don't know which one to buy.

I read this forum and its siblings every day, and cannot recall anybody unhappy with ANY of the AC68/AC1900 variants (short of an actual hardware failure). If you were happy with the N66 you will love the AC68.
I am looking for much the same answer. A major use for me is link to cell phones in the house. There is no reliable cell signal around me. I want to avoid carrier dependent repeaters for service. It is also not clear that such a repeater would work at my site. I may well change carriers throughout the process of getting everything working the best I can.

My thought is that something with beam forming would best serve my purpose. The cell phones, and carrier I am starting with, claim to provide a smooth transition from WiFi to cell.

I have done much reading, but I am just not understanding the data I have found. I am currently thinking that an RT-AC3100 may be the best choice. But I could also use some help in actually choosing. Cost is not an issue; suitable function is.
I upgraded from RT-N66U routers to RT-AC68P and RT-AC1900P routers. I believe the RT-AC68/AC1900 series are basically all the same. The BestBuy exclusive RT-AC1900P uses a faster 1.4Ghz main processor but other than that it's basically the same as the regular AC68/AC1900 series. You should notice a responsiveness performance improvement with these over the older N66U series. The Wifi range should be about the same.

I would lean towards the BB exclusive RT-AC1900P (note: not the AC1900 but specifically the AC1900P) if you don't mind paying extra cost for it over the AC68/1900 models but there isn't a night and day performance difference between them.

If cost doesn't matter at all then the 3100 or 88u models would be a good choice but I don't own either of them so I can't say from experience whether they would have any noticeably better performance compared to the 1900P.
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