Upgrade R7800 or not


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Hi All,

I’m trying to decide whether to upgrade my Netgear R7800 router and am considering the RAX20. I don’t want to spend alot and like the price point of the RAX20. Would the RAX20 show noticeable performance improvement or would I have to move to the RAX45? Our family has 5 laptops, 6 roku’s, iPads, iPhones, surveillance cameras, gaming platforms, etc…. Any thoughts on what type of performance improvement I might see moving to the RAX20.


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Between the choices expressed, stay with what you have now.

You may want to consider @Voxel's firmware, if you're not already using it.


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R7800 is very good router why you consider to upgrade it? is you ISP seed is close to 1Gbit?
if yes you can consider miniPC with OPNsense, pfSense or openWRT - changing to new current home router even the strongest one do not have much sens.


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Thanks Everyone. - My ISP speed is 1Gbit. I want to stay with stock firmware with whatever device I end up with. Based on the responses, I‘m guessing I won’t see any noticeable improvement buying a new router and am going to stay its the R7800. Again - Thanks!

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