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Upgrade Router - How to keep devices setup

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Current setup
ASUS ROG Rapture - AXE16000 WiFi 6E ( Main Aimesh Router )
ET12 ( AiMesh node )
ET12 ( AiMesh node )
ET12 ( AiMesh node )

I'm going to upgrade the AXE16000 with ASUS Rapture GT-BE98 Pro.
But before setting up the new router as my main AiMesh router, I will have to change one of my ET12 nodes to become the main router.

My question is - I don't care about the DHCP addresses, but I do have more than 100 wifi devices in my LAN. How I can keep the Wifi connection of these devices every time I change a router, I don't want to set up all the devices manually again.

Thank you in advance for helping
Your LAN will have to be down for a bit. Reset all the nodes and current router to factory settings. Set up the new router with the same SSID as the old then add the nodes back in one at a time. All you clients should connect.
Why would you reconfigure your network twice? Unless you're selling the AXE16000 to finance the WiFi 7 router?

I'm hoping you will use the new WiFi 7 router as the main, correct?
Reusing the same SSID and key should be seamless for most devices. Be aware that WIndows machines might switch from a Private to a Public network profile however, so if you needed to be able to remotely access these machines (RDP, network share, etc...), you might need to switch them back to a Private network profile.

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