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Hi, I wonder is anyone can advise me. I've got a Netgear wndr3700v2 router at home and it's 90% great. The issues I have are:

1. Wireless coverage is right on the limit at the back of the house
2. The parental controls are not great. I want to be able to limit by schedule by device/device group and the netgear only offers a single schedule. (I have 2 kids and want to give them different access times).

The linksys ea6900 ac1900 seems to be like a decent upgrade but wondered what others think?


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I used wndr3700 way back with Trondah f/w(OpenWrt) which I liked. If I were to choose ,
I'd consider R7000 which has settled down now with f/w releases. Also you can run Kong's dd-wrt if you want to. I don't use parental control. No kids in the house.


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Thanks for the reply... the parental controls are the most important thing for me at the moment, increased 2.4 range would be the second factor.

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