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Upgraded Router (AX58 to AX86) With 3 Existing Wireguard P2P Connections - Need to Recreate Client Connections Or Can I Transfer Them?

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This afternoon I replaced my main router (which was an RT-AX58U running 388.1) with an RT-AX86U running 388.2. I have all the rest of my household pretty well sorted out but I have 3 family members that I have set up with a wireguard VPN back to my main router. I have confirmed that all of my port forwarding is in place but through the GUI there doesn't appear to be an option to copy in the wireguard settings from the AX58 to the AX86. Is there a way to transfer those settings so I don't have to remote into each of those 3 routers and reset them to a new wireguard tunnel? Thanks in advance for any feedback!
The good news is that creating a new connection with wireguard is so easy once everything has been set up once already that I just recreated a new tunnel for each client - that was safer than trying to manually update wireguard files through the CLI.

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