Upgraded to AX86U from AC68U. AiMesh woes


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I recently upgraded to the Ax86u and figured I could use time ac68u as an AiMesh node.
Been trying for over a week now and been through various threads and forums.
Has anyone actually managed to get the ac68u as an AiMesh node working or is the tech so different that it won’t ever work?!


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Yes! Actually it is an AC66U_B1 which has the same hardware as the AC68U. I have gotten AiMesh to work with Asus firmware on both, Asus on the node and Merlin on the AX86U and Merlin on both.
Recommendations: on the AX86U set the WIFI to SmartConnect, 2.4 GHz at 20 MHz auto channel, 5 GHz at 20/40/80/160 MHz auto channel with WPA2-Pwesonal (the AC68U will not do WPA3). Leave the rest of the WIFI settings at default.
With the AX86U running with the above settings do a hard factory reset on the AC68U (power off - hold WPS button and power on - keep holding the WPS button until the power LED flashes - release the WPS button and let the AC68U boot up until the WIFI LED's are lit. The AC68U should be in the same room as the AX86U. You can also plug in an Ethernet cable AX86U LAN to AC68U WAN. Do not have a switch between the router and node!
On Merlin firmware I sometimes had to try a couple of times to connect successfully. I had the best success with Asus firmware on both.

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