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Upgrading an Edge10 Edgestore NAS400 (Promise NS4300N)

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I just got myself an Edge10 Edgestore NAS400 which is a re-branded version of the promise NS4300N.

All 4 of my bays are full of smallish hard drives. I just bought 4 new 1TB drives as replacements. Is there a way I can up-size my RAID5 array without having to back-up and re-build the entire array?

As an experiment I tried replacing the smallest disk in the array with one which was slightly bigger. My expectation was that when the array was re-built the size of the volume would change to the new expected value of (n-1) * smallest volume size. Unfortunately the volume size does not change at all.

As an alternative I wonder if there is a way to manipulate the LVM partition data to alter the size of the array?

Unless the product says that it supports online RAID expansion, you can't grow an array. From the sound of your experiment, your product doesn't support expansion.
Assuming that I've got everything backed up nicely - is there a way to edit the partitions manually using Ubuntu (or any other linux distro).

I think the problem with the NAS400 / Promise NS4300N is that it seems to neither support RAID expansion nor reduction from 4 disks. It's odd that it allows expansion from 3 to 4 disks but does not seem to permit the reverse.

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