Upgrading RT-AC68U on old firmware

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New Around Here
I have an RT-AC68U on an old Merlin firmware 380.69.

Obviously I haven't upgraded it in a long time. It seems (from the split in the changelog) that there's been a step change between 380 firmwares and 382+ firmware. Does anyone know if I can upgrade from my current firmware directly to the latest firmware, or are there additional steps needed?

It also appears that I don't "have to" do a factory reset, but that it is recommended.

I'm reluctant to spend the effort to get everything set up again (in particular my DHCP assigned IP addresses) so I would prefer not to reset unless I have to.

Might anyone be able to advise on this?




Asuswrt-Merlin dev
380.69 is very old, and a LOT of things have changed since. I wouldn't try a direct upgrade to 386.xx, too many things have changed so it's impossible to predict the result.


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
No, the other way around. Upgrade, then do a factory default reset to get the default values from the NEW firmware, not the old one.


New Around Here
Thanks again.

The thing that will be most annoying to set up is the Manually Assigned IP addresses on the DHCP server. I've taken screen shots of what I've set up, but just want to check theres no other way to re-enter these on the new firmware?

Also; what is the default username and password after factory reset please?



Mine Ong

Regular Contributor
how many clients do you have on the Manually Assigned IP around the DHCP list? Why not, from the WebGUI, just do a copy/paste to a text editor?

if you do a factory default reset, your router will boot up with a set up page. Once you perform the initial setup, you can set the default password.

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