Uploading Asuswrt settings to installed Asuswrt-Merlin firmware.


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I recently purchased an RT-ax86u and and saved my configuration settings. I've save my settings with the Asuswrt firmware (version Can I upload and install these settings after installation of the the Merlin firmware (version 386.4) and its reset to default. I don't want to have to manually set up the router again. Thks for any help with this.


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Flash Asuswrt-Merlin on top and test. If all good - don't reset. If you encounter issues - reset and set up manually. Don't import Asuswrt settings.


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You should be ok just flashing Merlin to it, but I'd make note (with pen and paper) of the settings you may have adjusted/configured yourself for systemic reasons. Importing a .conf can have unexpected and dire consequences for your new machina. (you don't want to brick it, I'm sure)


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It has happened in the past, and it may still happen now (anything is possible, and often happens - I'm just suggesting caution and diligence so they don't unwittingly discover a "wow, that's not supposed to happen" event)

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