URL Filter in ASUS RT-AX88U


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I have an ASUS RT-AX88U with standard firmware (version I want to block a few websites, so I have tried Firewall > URL Filter, but it doesn't seem to work.

If I try to block a site, for instance samsungads.com, I enter the URL and apply, but I can still access the website. It seems I was able to block the http request but it seems that the browser automatically try https. Also all websites nowadays use https, so blocking http is useless. I also tried Keyword Filter with the same result.

After some research, I read that seems the URL / Keyword Filtering in Asus is indeed quite useless. It relies on inspecting the http protocol for URL and Content. So not only it does not do anything with https, it can potentially slow down http requests.

Am I missing something here? How does URL / Keyword filtering work with Asus? How can I block website of certain domains? Or doesn't it work AT ALL?


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If the browser is using DoH setting a block in the router will not work.


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Just tried - doesn't work. Interested in what's wrong as well and what's the solution.

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