USB 3.0 Asus RT AC3100

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Good morning,
I have Asus merlin installed on my Asus RT AC3100. Everything runs nicely. Only issue I have ever noticed is the USB port always recognizes USB 3.0 devices as USB 2.0, even after having selected USB 3.0 setting in the Administration - System page. I have done some searches and found issues where 3.0 interferes with Wifi but nothing about my problem. This occurs in every setup I have tried; factory firmware, merlin firmware, multiple USB 3.0/3.1 flash drives. Any help wound be appreciated.



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What firmware are you running, specifically?

After flashing that firmware, did you do a full reset to factory defaults and then followed that with a minimal and manual configuration of the router (and without importing old backup config files)?


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I have done factory resets before and after flashing with no restored backups. Still always shows as USB 2.0 . Currently have a Sandisk 32gb USB 3.1 flash drive installed. Before that I had a Samsung USB 3.1 32gb flash drive. I guess it doesnt really matter, just wandered if there was something I am missing.


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What are your specific steps? On what specific firmware?

Is there another brand/type USB drive you can try/test with? Do you format (on a PC) the USB drive before re-inserting it into the router?

Do you remove the USB drive(s) when flashing and resetting the router?

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