USB Application - Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk issues and contradictions

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William Higgs

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Hello all. I am trying to setup a huge external usb hard drive that I recently purchased to act as a backup drive for the devices on my network, and I have a couple of questions to ask/issues to report that I encountered in trying to setup this process. Let me start by stating that I have a RT-AX3000 router that acts as the main router connected to my modem with an additional RT-AC68U router configured as an AI-mesh node. When I went into the settings to setup the the samba share settings, I noticed the "Work Group" settings were described as seen below

"Ok," I think to myself. Easy enough. However, when I type in a work group name that contains a period, I get the below error:

So, as we can see in the error, periods are not valid characters to use in work group names, which makes it strange that the information tooltip for the configuration would indicate that periods can be valid characters.

Also, I have a question about the usb devices in relation to both the main router and the ai mesh node. The main router that I have only has one usb port, but my AI Mesh node has two usb ports. Is it possible to, say, host the external hard drive from the ai mesh node router rather than the main router? I currently have a formatted flash drive plugged into the router which I am using to explore/play with some of the firmware's more.....advanced functionality. However, this presents a problem, considering there is only one usb port on the main router. If I am not able to host the external drive from the AI mesh node, would the asus router be able to correctly interact with usb devices if they were connected to each other through a usb hub/splitter? Thanks in advance.


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I can answer the usb hub question, but as for the workgroup, you're not confusing that with a domain right? Workgroup names are pretty arbitrary.

I honestly don't know the answer to using samba from a aimesh client, but you can indeed use a usb hub from the RT-AX58U/AX3000. I have a Anker 4 port usb3 hub feeding a usb thumbdrive and external hard drive without issue. Speeds are exactly the same over samba with or without the hub.
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