USB Connected Printer in Wireless Network


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I have a laser printer connected to my PC. My PC is one of many devices, including a Chromebook in another part of the house, comprising a WiFi network. Is it possible to configure this printer (Windows 10) so the Chromebook can print via WiFi (through) the PC to which the printer is hardwired?

Alas, the printer once was accessible via WiFi, but something in the printer no longer works; hence the hardwire to the PC.


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Try turning on "Sharing" in the printer's properties. I have no idea how Chromebooks work so they might not be compatible with Windows printer sharing.


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Yes, you must share the printer, and you need all devices to be on a 'Private' (not a 'Public') network so that they can see each other. This also requires using the main wireless networks (or Guest Networks with full intranet access).

You may also need drivers for the printer, on the Chromebook, depending on how old the printer is.

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