USB - JFFS - CFG // Restore // What order ?

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I have temporarily installed some Official Asus versions (including Betas) to chase an "official" Asus problem (Ghost Spikes).
Before that, in Merlin 386.1, I had saved my settings and JFFS and safely unmounted my USB stick.

After reinstalling the very same Merlin release on the same router model (AC86U), in which order should I restore the settings ( CFG), the JFFS, and replug the USB ?

My bet is
1. plug USB
2. restore JFFS
3. restore settings/CFG
4. reboot

(I bet the restore of CFG will imply the biggest changes and I'd rather have the rest of the context "right" when I restore the cfg.)

What's your recommendation ? (preferably not to start all over again ;-) )

Thank you very much in advance
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When I do it I generally restore the config before the JFFS partition mostly for convenience, but I don't think it really matters.

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