USB SSD as swap disk for scripts?

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So the cheap USB stick that I was using in my AX88U is faulty I think, 2nd time that Skynet cannot find disk and Diversion is working, but AMTM shows it as uninstalled. Also when logged into the router the main page was refreshing every 3-5 seconds. Anyway, removed the USB stick and this stopped the constant refresh of the router UI.

Not sure what I have to do regarding AMTM yet, but I do have a spare 120GB SSD with a nice USB 3 adapter. Tested it a while ago as a storage on the router and it worked great.

So although its completely over kill, I really wont use this SSD for anything else, can I use it as a swap area for scripts?


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Ah, point taken thecheapseats.

Thanks :D

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