USB WiFi dongle

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I have a USB FiWi Dongle on RTL8811CU chip. I want to connect it with RT-N16. For this purpose, I need to compile the driver.
Since the source codes of the drivers came along with the adapter, I tried to compile driver myself.

I loaded the asuswt-Merlin's toolchain and source for firmware, made a working version of firmware 378.50 and tried to compile the driver as a separate module. As a result, I had the Warning - 'Unknown symbol "wireless_send_event"' and the same error when tried to execute insmod on the router. After check possible reasons for this error I saw that I need to change the kernel configuration: the option Drivers->Network->Wireless->Wireless Extension need to be enabled.

I tried to do it with "make menuconfig" but after "make clean", "make RT-N16" all changes was disappeared.

First question: how to right set kernel options?

I did the following: "make clean", "make RT-N16", cd to linux-2.6/linux, "make menuconfig" and set option Wireless Extension, cd back to src-rt, "make kernel gen_target image".
But when I tried to upload new firmware to the router, it brick.I loaded old firmware via TFTP, and recovered it.

Second question: how to make working firmware with this option or some idea how to remove 'Unknown symbol "wireless_send_event" error'?


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Try setting the option in

Follow the format used for other options....

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