Use a splitter or switch connection

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Have one port left on Mesh router. Need to connect 2 items - PC and a Switch. Should I go with a RJ45 Splitter Connector Adapter or plug the Splitter wire to the port and plug the PC to the switch port? Will the PC suffer in anyway by connecting it to the Switch instead of direct plug into the Router? Switch is used for things like TV, Amplifier etc at the moment (extra ports empty)


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Use the switch, plug one port of the switch into the router lan port and then plug other devices into the switch. Just get a 1 Gbit unmanaged switch, either 5 or 8 port and leave everything plugged in.


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Connect the switch to the router. Connect your wired devices to any available router or switch port. Splitter connector won't work. I would connect the switch to the router and move all devices to the switch. This will lower the router temperature a bit. The speed will be the same, up to Gigabit.

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