Unbound Using a forward zone in Unbound/DNSMASQ

Jeffrey Young

Very Senior Member
I am getting ready to install Unbound to my AC86U (this fall/winter after the camping season is done). I have doing as much reading as I can to understand how Unbound is setup and how it relates to dnsmasq. So far so good.

In my current setup, I have a couple of dnsmasq directives to forward domain searches for my active directory lab to the domain controller's DNS server;



Now as I understand it, dnsmasq is still the primary DNS manager for the LAN and simply send enquiries to Unbound to handle. With this in mind, is it better to setup a forward zone in Unbound or let dnsmasq continue to handle the forwarding? Is dnsmasq reconfigured by the Unbound installation so that Unbound must be used instead of dnsmasq?

Thanks in advance

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