Using asus router as "travel router"?


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I am trying to use an asus router inside a patients hospital room (friend of the family). The original issue is that their Chromecast Ultra will not connect to the wifi network provided by the hospital (looks like a cisco router). The chromecast will actually work with an iphone hotspot, but patient does not have an iphone. We tried creating a hostpot with a couple different android devices, but none of them work.

I was searching around and found out that maybe what we need is a "travel router".

Our issue is that we need to fill out a simple form to use the hospital wifi. Name, phone number, email, that's it.

Maybe I could hack something a little bit and trick the cisco router into thinking our normal asus router (ac-86u) is an "authenticated" smartphone, by changing the mac address.

I think ideally, the asus router would just have a web browser embedded in it, and I can open some page like or idk, 192.168.x.x, and this would effectively be a web browser? idk, maybe I need to setup the router as a proxy? We can connect the asus router to the chromecast via ethernet. We can set it up as a repeater. But the asus router doesn't know how to handle the hospital's captive portal.


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Maybe the asus router could recognize a captive portal and forward it to other devices which actually have a browser? I'd imagine such a change would be very difficult and take a year+


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Use your other device (eg. a cellphone) to complete the login form, then have your router spoof the MAC address of the device sould usually do the trick.


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The GL-iNet travel routers do this well. A Mango for $25 is an easy solution.

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