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Brian Biggs

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When I use Microsoft Teams over my WAN connection, audio and video work fine.

I recently set up my Asus-Merlin Router (RT-AC86U running 386.3_2) to force my computer through a NordVPN connection using VPN Director. It works fine for most things, but Microsoft Teams calls tend to periodically stop and cut out audio and video to the point where it is unusable. I have to go in and direct traffic from my computer to the WAN connection for the duration of the call. Then I switch back to the VPN connection afterwards (when I don't forget).

Is there a way to configure Asus-Merlin to always route Microsoft Teams calls through the WAN connection, so I don't have to mess with my configuration? Ideally I'd like to route things by DNS name rather than IP address, but I'm not sure if that is possible or not either.



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I don't think it's possible because VPN director works at the Network Layer rather than the Application Layer
You could try adding the IP ranges to your VPN director rules but you will probably have limited success

Viktor Jaep

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I have not had any problems with Teams thus far... but I have run into issues with the Tesla vehicle app frequently not working over VPN (using NordVPN as well) and being completely unusable, and now today, the Ring app started behaving similarly. Disconnect wifi and get on mobile data, and all is well again. It's frustrating. I wish there was a way to randomly rotate NordVPN endpoints on a more frequent basis using vpnmgr or VPN Director.

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