Verizon G-1100 Router problems

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Hi all -

I am trying to help a senior (virtually, via screen sharing) in the Washington DC Metro area who is having a problem with her Fios router, a model G-1100.

I did a screen sharing session with her because she lost her wi-fi connectivity with her printer, an HP. A day ago, it had been connected via WiFi and accepting print jobs. Now all she gets when she tries to print is - Printer Offline.

We downloaded the "wizard" for connecting that printer to her WiFi, but at the last step, it failed because it was not able to make a connection to the Router's WiFi, in the next room over.

Her computer is connected to the router and she is able to search the web, so we now that she has connectivity.

As we were trying to fix it, she casually mentioned that her iPad could no longer connect to the router nor could her Alexa. Today she called and said her Mail is not arriving on either her computer or her iPhone. I told her to quit Mail on her iPhone, turn off WiFi on the iPhone, then launch Mail. She did so and there was all her Mail. Turning her router off, waiting a minute and turning it back on did not help. I told her to contact Verizon support and gave her the telephone number.

Today she texted me with this: "I waited over an hour -- no answer. And the website where you are supposed to make an appointment does not work. I’ve given up for the day. frustrating.”

A. How can I put this poor gal in touch with Verizon so they can check out her router from their end?

I doped out how to access the router settings and saw in her Network page, only her two computers and her iPhone: no Alexa, no printers, no iPad.

B. Is it worth trying a factory reset of the router?

Many thanks.

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