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Verizon G3100 vs. Netgear R7800

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Hi Everyone,

I have a Netgear R7800 router and I'm changing my service over to Verizon with Gigabit internet service. Verizon includes their G3100 router as part of the package. I can't find any performance reviews of the G3100.

Does anyone have experience with the G3100 or opinions on which router will provide better performance?

In advance, thanks and I appreciate all comments and suggestions.
Any ISP supplied router is just a backdoor to your network. Performance doesn't mean anything when that is considered first.

Bridge the G3100 and continue using your R7800 is my suggestions. :)
Does anyone have experience with the G3100 or opinions on which router will provide better performance?
Hi Dan,

I am using a G3100 right now. (With Fios on the Gigabit plan, and also in Massachusetts like you).
It's not terrible. And it's far better than many of the ISP provided routers I've tested in the past.
When the service installed (~a month ago), I could not get my old router (Netgear 7900p) to hit anything over 500 Mbps WIRED, and the wireless speeds were also poor, unless I was very close the router. Because of that, I decided to give the Verizon provided G3100 a go. It easily provides the max bandwidth wired. And wireless speeds are also much faster than my old router. Even on my third floor, on the opposite side of where the router is located in the basement, I can sometimes get 200-300 Mpbs.

Unfortunately, every few days one of my devices (Laptop, iPad) would loose access to the internet, and require a restart to regain access. This is something that never happened with my old router. It's not that the wireless connection is dropped entirely. The devices are still "connected" but they just have no internet access. Playing around with the settings on the G3100 (changing Wireless to "Compatibility mode/Legacy" etc) has not resolved this problem. So I'm looking into other router options. I am even considering that Netgear R7800 that you have...lol.

When you get your service setup, I would love if you would come back and post your feedback on using both routers. And I am curious if you would experience the same "internet dropping" that I am experiencing...
Thanks L&LD and Sea Wolfe for replying.

Once Verizon installs my service, I will test my throughput and wireless range with the Netgear and Verizon routers, both as stand alone routers and with the Netgear daisy-chained off the Verizon router and report back performance.

Just learned that Verizon is not doing any new installs in my area until the Coronavirus is under better control.

Thanks again. Dan.

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