Very minor bug: "Visit update site" on release notes page in firmware results in error on AX-3000

Andy S.

New Around Here
In the latest firmware (and probably for some time before that), when there is new firmware available and you go to the dialog to view the release notes, there is a button to open a tab directly to the download site. On the AX-3000, this attempts to open this URL: This results in a 404 error. I realize that you need to actually go to the page for the AX-58U, and can easily do so manually, but it'd be nice to clean this up in the firmware itself.


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
That's because the router points at its model name rather than its family name, and the web server does not contain redirections for every rebadged models that Asus has (in this case, this is an RT-AX58U rebranded as an RT-AX3000).

I was initially adding redirections to the web server for all these rebranded models, but Asus keeps launching new ones that I have no knowledge of. I need to see if I can retrieve the actual family model instead.

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