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Vista as a client for an UBUNTU NAS?

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New Around Here
I'm just getting started with a DIY NAS, and I was wondering what people are doing if they have an UBUNTU NAS server and vista clients? Are you using SAMBA rather than NFS or downloading some other NFS client?

Just curious...
When I had Ubuntu running on my home server I just used SAMBA. Never did try a NFS client on Vista. With XP as the client I think using SAMBA gave better performance than NFS but Vista might be completely different.

From my view it is just easier to setup Ubuntu to work with Windows than to try and get Windows to work with Ubuntu. (read Linux/Unix) Let alone you only have to setup one server with SAMBA versus setting up multiple Windows clients with NFS. Just my opinion though. Really I think it comes down to whether you prefer one over the other.

I had thought about SAMBA, but being new did not really know if there were any security/performance issues I would need to consider.

What if I wanted to use both....export an NFS share so my home computers with linux on them could use NFS, and use SAMBA with the same share to windows could see them?

I know I could use just SAMBA for both (and that is probably what I would do), but just curious if both NFS and SAMBA were allowing access to the same area if that would cause a problem (locking mechanisms perhaps)?


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