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VIZIO SmartTV with WiFi and Wired Connections

Discussion in 'General Multimedia & VoIP Discussion' started by tipstir, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. tipstir

    tipstir Very Senior Member

    Aug 16, 2008
    South Florida
    Those of you who venture into these sets from VIZIO do be aware of the issues with the WiFi they're having. Since the hardware inside is not as strong as you would think.

    I ran into this issue end of last week.

    VIZIO SmartTV
    WiFi Shows: 5 bars
    Signal: 100%
    Download Test: 4,835KB

    DHCP set to Auto (tested in static ip also)
    WPA, WPA2 is not recommended by them. Odd no security for WiFi.
    Updated to a work around with WiFi The fix to get all of this working would be is to use MAC address Security instead of WPA/WPA2 which is not worth it.

    This exceeded their requirement to use their SmartTV apps. Which are mostly made up for Yahoo. So you'll need a Yahoo Account to access, Weather, Stocks, Money etc. Optional but if you don't you'll always be in Guest Mode.

    Set also has Ethernet Port on the back for those who rather use Wired connection.

    I was going to use this model out in my Patio which I already had SONY SMP-N100 Network Media Player 802.11n and Wired 100mbp connection. I had used WiFi. No issue with it. Internet updates whenever.

    VIZIO SmartTV different story.

    1. Updates 18 app instead of the 23 apps it holds. (Fix) Do a Memory Clear and a Factory Reset.
    2. Netflix will load, you'll see your videos in queue, but when you select a Video to watch you'll get this: TVP-805 Error. Tells you to select a different title. (Every title gives you the same error)
    3. Amazon Prime Instant Video will not even load. Tells you to call Amazon.
    4. YouTube, Vudu all these play just find. Vudu requires are harsh for HDX 1080p but it works. But why doesn' t the same go for Netflix and Amazon.

    So to conclude just make sure you understand what your buying and if the WiFi is not up to par then if you can use it use the Ethernet jack.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2013

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