VLAN and routing WLAN in AC68U


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Hi, I'm a freshman with merlin, though I have googled many, I can NOT get the goal I want.

What I have:
1. Topmost level router(Linksys WRT1900acs with OpenWRT): physical WAN port connecting to the ISP, physical port LAN1 connecting to my AC68U;
2. Asus-RT-AC68U: physical WAN port connecting to the WRT1900ACS, physical port LAN4 connecting to TV box.

What I want:
1.On the trunk link between WRT1900ACS and AC68U, there are two VLANs need to be trans/received( Internet and IPTV).
2.The 5.8GHz WLAN, 2.4GHz WLAN, and LAN need to have their own IP sections respectively. for example: 2.4GHz WLAN should be in, 5.8GHz WLAN should be in, and my wire LAN should be in;
3.The LAN of WRT1900ACS and the LAN of AC68U should be in a same ip section(broadcast domain), and there is only one DHCP server in WRT1900ACS, and this DHCP server can assign IPs to the PC that is connected the physical ports of AC68U.
4.The DHCP server in AC68U should serve the wireless clients.
5.I need NOT nat at AC68U.

Because of complexity of all, I can NOT config AC68U correctly, while WRT1900ACS has been configed correctly. I am familiar with OpenWRT, and WRT1900ACS has been working normally with this configuration.

Would any good man please give me some hints?
Excuse my ugly English, pls.
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Asuswrt/Merlin firmware does not support VLANs in that way. The only VLAN support is under the LAN > IPTV settings. You might need to use Fresh Tomato instead.

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