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Hello to all,

I am looking for a router.
I have some wifi equipment but not especially looking for high speed wifi (nothing in 6).
Most of my network is wired with 1gbps ethernet.

Currently my entire network is behind a ISP box and two non manageable switches that power the house.
I have a lot of IOT: air purifier, alexa, switchbot, philips hue, vacuum cleaner, connected boiler...
In parallel I have a reolink camera network, my computers and my NAS.

I'm afraid to leave everything on the same network... So I'm thinking of separating everything with VLANs.

I have a second need: it is to be able to access my NAS remotely if possible with a speed of 400 Mbits/500 mbits what my connection allows me. Ideally with wireguard. So i don't need wifi 6 bell and whistles but a decent cpu even wireguard is less heavy for cpu than openvpn.

I am not excellent in network so the simpler the interface the better ;).

I still want to keep access to my IOTs that have cloud applications from my phone.
Can I allow access from my computers /phone to my IOTs within my lan but block access from the IOTs to my lan?
If not, at least keep the fact that my IOTs connect to the cloud. Or perhaps i need to connect to the second VLAN wifi?
For example, my phone must be able to access the xiaomi application for my vacuum cleaner... Same for my boiler.

Which router /configuration do you recommend?

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