VLAN script at services-start... and what else?


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It seems like services-start is the right place for the initial VLAN setup script I wrote.

Should it also be triggered by other events? And if so does anyone have insight into which one(s)?

I'm guessing a service-event-end on something like wireless or networking, but I actually am having trouble finding a list of all the services that could trigger a start, stop, or restart...

FWIW the script uses
- robocfg to configure vlans
- vconfig to add vlans
- ifconfig to bring up vlans
- brctl to create and modify bridges
- nvram set to set variables used by eapd
- kills and restarts eapd

and the bridges and vlans are composed of the wireless interfaces (regular and guest) and ethernet ports.

(hoping the above list might give some insight to what services might necessitate a re-setup of the VLANs)

edit: this is re: an RT-AC3200 but I would guess the answer(s) would be more or less universal...
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