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For those who were not aware, @Voxel lives in Russia.

The current geopolitical situation is making his personal situation very difficult, and we need to be aware that it is likely we won't have any new update for his firmwares for a while.
I am not even sure he can access this forum anymore; last time I heard from him was Monday.
Russian ISPs were all requested to unplug from direct internet connections and to use a government filtered proxy instead, so even major VPN IPs could be blocked.

PS: @Voxel also has Ukrainian blood, and what is happening is hitting and saddening him extremely hard.
Please, feel free to show him your moral support in here, in case he can read it.

UPDATE: as I mentioned further in this thread, @Voxel confirmed that the firmware projects are very alive, and he will continue to work on it to his best.
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Wishing not only @Voxel but all Ukrainians everywhere (and all others too, including Russians) a speedy end to this war. May you all be safe, along with your family and friends, wherever they may be. Peace and love to all.


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Thank you for the update! Please excuse my lack of understanding. What is a "Russians FAIs"?
All my apologies, I am all over the place today, and I rushed.
I put FAI (in French) instead of ISP.
I will correct this ASAP in the original post.


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Got news from @Voxel today.

He appreciates your support, and confirmed that his work on the firmwares is very alive (and important for him for moral).
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State of the Voxel project.

Many thanks to everybody. I hope project will be continued. With me or w/o me. I do some steps allowing to continue this project.

As a bonus there is a bit delayed release for ORBI LBR20. Check my site.

Now I need your help if you are able to provide it.

I want to change my current location. With my family. All of you know my professionalism, my skills, quality of the products I release for you. Linux, Windows, IT support, customer support, Intel/AMD or ARM, PC/routers, Servers or Workstation, NET/LAN/VPN etc. I know all of this in details. And as far as you can guess I have big experience in all of these fields. I do not remember the problem I cannot solve. I seek for job opportunity.

Teleworking could be fine as well. At least initially. Not occasional help to users with your router but something close to long period.

If you or your Company are interested it would be great. Please do not write me here, and do not P.M. to me. My e-mail should not be used as well. Please all contacts with concrete suggestions through @kamoj or @HELLO_wORLD or @vladlenas

Thanks to all of you.

I'd ask to do not remove this message. I hope it is not agains of the forum rules. It informs people re: state of the Voxel project.



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A lot of people wish that Netgear would recognize what they could potentially gain if they opened their eyes...

Stay safe.

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