VPN and pi hole

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I have set up a pihole with vpn running - i have a few issues now

1. VPN does not autostart again
2. Killswitch no longer works (policy rules arent executed)
3. service state says SSL/TLS issue and the vpn doesnt start.

and because for some reason the kill switch doesnt block connection to the internet.

i use the pihole as my LAN DNS - the upstream DNS on my pi hole is that of my VPN provider
also the WAN vpn on merlin is that of my VPN provider

any help would be appreciated
ps new to this

Update: restarted the connection about 5 times and then it finally connected to the VPN service, still cant figure out why the kill switch doesn't work. ]

thank you
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Why is this posted in this forum if this is about pi-hole?

What router are you using and what firmware are you running?

What configurations, services, and features have you enabled or changed past the defaults?

A few screen snips will be useful here. :)

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