VPN behavior with multiple clients

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This was odd. Maybe someone can explain why this happens.

I have two VPN clients configured: a primary in use and a secondary that's turned off. (I figure I can more easily switch to the secondary if the primary fails for some reason. I've had to do this a couple of times when the primary threw an authentication error.)

I just added a new IoT subnet that requires no VPNs. I'll probably post another to discuss firewalling. So I'm here to configure the VPN this morning. I went to my primary:
2021-01-12 0658 Screenshot.png

and added a new entry titled IDIoT:
2021-01-12 0659 Screenshot.png

This lists my IoT subnet f.o.o.0/24 and designates the interface as WAN.

Hopefully I got that right.

Anyway, not the issue.

Then I went to my secondary client:
2021-01-12 0659 Screenshot_1.png

And it had already added my f.o.o.0/24 subnet but check out the description it gave it:
2021-01-12 0700 Screenshot.png

I mean, this isn't going to affect the operation here... but why did it change the description to Secondary?

2021-01-12 0719 Screenshot.png

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